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OK, so I had to break the rule about not buying stuff. Yes, already. Well, what can you do? I needed more textured/shiny/glittery stuff for my Viking ladies. I like these space-dyed variety threads from Oliver Twists Fibres because you … Continue reading

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some quilting

I wanted to keep the quilting very simple on this piece because there is already quite a lot going on with the piecing and colours. It can be quite difficult to keep the quilting as part of the design rather … Continue reading

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Pausing between

It’s good to leave a little space between one large quilt and another, I find. That breathing space gives both me and the cloth a little time to collect ourselves before we move forward again. This weekend I’m stopping to … Continue reading

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#3 – the needle-woven circle

I’m making these circles different sizes – ranging between about 1″ and 5″ – so that when the squares are stitched together, there will be some interest in the overall composition. This is a comparatively small circle, about 1.5″ in … Continue reading

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The thread problem

I love to dye my own threads, as you know. But no matter how careful I am with the skeins, this kind of jumble seems to be inevitable after a while: I have hundreds of those little cardboard bobbins, and … Continue reading

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Separate tables

Another 7″ sample today, this time looking at how rows of little track-inspired marks might look on separate grounds.  I used a space dyed thread from Stef Francis in sweetie-colours to make stitches that look good enough to eat. And … Continue reading

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Getting away from paper and paint for a while, I’m making twelve little stitched samples based on some of the tracks patterns.  Each sample is about 7″ square and will be mounted on 8″ squares of black cotton to make … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

As I mentioned yesterday, couching travelled the furthest.  But I disqualified it on the grounds that it needed another thread to hold it down – so actually it uses twice as much thread as anything else.  It travelled 12.5″.  Running stitch … Continue reading

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The Thread Race

Often I ask myself, when beginning a stitched cloth, ‘Have I got enough thread for this?’  I often use my own hand-dyed threads, and usually there’s only a fairly small quantity of it.  The answer is usually, ‘Well, it depends.’  … Continue reading

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Just because

Sometimes it’s nice just to stitch.  No plan, no ‘big idea’, no special meaning.  Just making stitches because you can. This one is becoming a kind of sampler; just a cloth for holding stitches.

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