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It is very difficult to mark layers of sheers and synthetics with any kind of pen or pencil, because the layers ‘float’ on top of each other, and shift very slightly if you try to draw any kind of writing implement … Continue reading

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More tambour work

The second sample, this time with the correct tool.  It really does make a difference, much easier to work: This sample (the stitched area) measures about 4″ x 6″.  I think I might make it into some sort of wallet … Continue reading

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Tambour hook

Well, here it is: 0.6mm crochet hook on the left, ‘fine’ tambour hook on the right.  The tambour hooks come in different sizes and need to be fixed into the wooden holder by tightening the screw.  You can see (I … Continue reading

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Silk Embroidery

is finished… Silk thread on ivory antung silk, from an eighteenth century design.  About 5″ square. My husband bagged this one as a gift for his mum.  I hope she likes it. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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Silk ribbon embroidery

Continuing with my small samples using traditional techniques, I tried some embroidery with silk ribbon.  This was popular in the eighteenth century and then had a bit of a revival in the nineteenth century.  The ribbon I used is 3mm wide, … Continue reading

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Tambour work

I’ve been trying out some very old embroidery techniques over the past few days.  Tambour work was introduced to Europe from India in the mid-eighteenth century, but is not widely in use today as a hand technique.  It involves working … Continue reading

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