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So, where were we?

The next page, I think, is this one: The lettering on this page is couched, not stitched. I found that couching a thread gives a finer line and can be done on a slightly smaller scale.  I added the little … Continue reading

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Page Ten into Cloth

I have to admit to being quite pleased with this one.  It took DAYS, despite its small size. This little area is pieced patchwork, hand-pieced over paper and then applied to the background.  I’m particularly pleased with the portcullis, which … Continue reading

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Number 7 of 9

It occurred to me that it would be more sensible to photograph the leafkeeper actually keeping a leaf in a book – obvious, really… Only two more to go in this limited edition series, which I intend to complete over … Continue reading

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Summer Leafkeepers

The first and second (above) in a series of nine leafkeeper bookmarks for the summer, which I’ll add to the shop as they’re finished.  I think you should be able to click and enlarge the top two to see some of … Continue reading

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Summer sun

More exploration with the trees sketches: This is about 8″ x 6″; layered fabrics on a cotton canvas backing, and heavily stitched. An interesting exercise.  The result is very literal, which is what I intended.  On the painting, the tree extends … Continue reading

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A tree

Last week I treated myself to one of Kaylacoo’s lovely little stitched trees: I wanted to make a cover for the little handmade ‘trees’ sketchbook and thought this would be perfect for the focal point.  The cover is made from layered … Continue reading

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More trees, made into a sketchbook cover.  The sketchbook measures about 8″ x 10″: Part of my plan to make more notes and write down more thoughts.  Most of my ideas are either instantly forgotten, or they whizz through the … Continue reading

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Page from the sketchbook with little summer leafkeeper (about 2.5″ x 7″).  All those silk trees are needle-turned.  Slightly too fiddly, even for me! I’m about to start a second week of antibiotics for the monster ear infection, which is much better … Continue reading

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More colour

You can probably tell that I had the leafkeeper bookmarks in mind when I was painting these. I made the pages into a book by stitching each folded page to the spine of a collaged paper cover:  There are 6 … Continue reading

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Getting back to normal.  The phrase makes ‘normal’ a place rather than a state of being.  A safe place, perhaps.  As I mentioned yesterday, the orchestra of colours: There’s something so delicious about a paintbox, isn’t there?  I wanted to look … Continue reading

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