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It seems delightfully apt that the first snow of the season fell last night as I completed this little cloth, which I am simply calling ‘Winter’: Meant to hang in a window, this cloth is constructed around the translucent patchwork … Continue reading

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A winter heart

… or the Heart of Winter, which is what I think I’ll be calling this one. The central panel is a piece of gappy patchwork, applied to the background.  The heart is made from tubular ribbon, hand dyed and stuffed … Continue reading

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Going back

Today I’m continuing to add stitches to a cloth I started a couple of months ago.  Hand-dyed cotton scrim, old and new lace, sheer ribbon and simple stitches. Cool colours: blue, green and purple.  Winter colours; colours for turning inwards, … Continue reading

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Wintering Complete

This piece is now finished. Silk is the most magical of fabrics to stitch on, and makes the smoothest, easiest thread to stitch with. The sound of needle and thread through silk is like the sound of something breathing.Memories upon … Continue reading

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Winter kept us warm, coveringEarth in forgetful snow, feedingA little life with dried tubers. T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land This one needs a little more work, but the green and white together are very attractive.Thank you, Chris, for this … Continue reading

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Very slow

The first ancestry piece – provisionally titled ‘For the Women who Stitched’ – will be very, very slow. In fact, this weekend it got so slow it went into reverse. I spent a few hours working a very inexpert stem … Continue reading

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This piece was completed yesterday. I’m happy with it. I like the cutting away of layers to reveal what lies beneath, and I like the closely stitched areas that look like darning. I like the subtlety of all the different … Continue reading

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