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The attendant’s blue dress (2)

I see it’s been a while since I attended to this. Busy with other things. It’s tempting to think of an attendant as a servant, and therefore having very plain clothes, but where would be the fun in that? My … Continue reading

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The queen’s red dress (5)

Another sample, this one about 8” square, imagining something around the neckline. This is just collaged silk and cotton fabrics, with some very simple appliqué, embroidery, and couched threads. Still sampling. On the embroidery frame at present, and in progress:

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OK, so I had to break the rule about not buying stuff. Yes, already. Well, what can you do? I needed more textured/shiny/glittery stuff for my Viking ladies. I like these space-dyed variety threads from Oliver Twists Fibres because you … Continue reading

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The queen’s red dress (1)

The older of the two women interred in the Oseberg ship was wearing a red dress. She appears to have been important in her community, and, for the purposes of this project, I’m calling her a queen. The first little … Continue reading

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Picking up the threads

I’m beginning to feel nearly ready to pick up where I left off, though not quite in the same way. Having completed my PhD, I’m now returning to full-time work. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this, having organised my … Continue reading

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The magic basket

This is my spare-time-and-evenings work. No matter how much I stitch, it never seems to get any emptier.

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Night and day

A little cloth about time, made from lost souls gathered together. Night: … and day: A cloth of two halves, in progress.

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Wordless weekend

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Setting out

Happy new year!  As our planet sets out on another lap around the sun, the rest of us are setting out on our own journey through another year.  Some of us know where we’re going, some of us haven’t a … Continue reading

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The plan

Yes, there is a plan.  Actually, there are two plans: one short term (now until January) and one long term (2011).  The short term plan is to do very little.  This week I have a birthday; next week my husband … Continue reading

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